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Here at Abington Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, our goal is to make every visit fun, comfortable, and safe for your child.  We have many “best practices” to help achieve success and having your support is critical!  


Your child requires treatment – what should you expect?

You may or may not choose to be present in the treatment room. If you choose to be present, wonderful!  We would love to be a team with you – here are some guidelines that will help us provide a positive visit for you and your child:

1) Allow us to prepare and engage with your child first.

*  We have many ways to make it fun for your child, but we have to get to know them first!

2) Be supportive of our “fun and imaginative” dental terminology.

*  We like to avoid certain trigger words that may heighten their worries about the visit (Please see our word bank below)

3) Please be a “silent partner“.

*  If there are many people talking at once, it confuses the child and heightens tension. (One captain for the ship! In the treatment room, the dentist is the Captain!)
*  We need to maintain direct communication with your child
*  You may mistakenly give incorrect or misleading information
*  Show your support by sitting with them and touching their hands or legs

4) Sometimes, despite your best efforts to help your child, your absence may do more help than your presence!

*  Your child is very bright, and may mirror your emotions or worries
*  They may try to avoid or postpone the treatment by controlling the situation

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