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At ABCD, Care Always Comes First.

At ABCDO we believe that your child’s oral health needs should always be the top priority.  We base our treatment recommendations with this in mind.  We also have a team of experienced staff who strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service, including helping you maximize your dental benefits.  We are considered an In Network provider with Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Altus.  Although we are considered out of network with the other carriers, we will submit claims to all insurance companies, work with your insurance carrier and tap into any benefits available for you.  Unfortunately, we are not contracted with Mass Health, but we would be happy to explore our Family Savings Plan with you if you are looking for an option to help with the cost of care.

Please keep in mind that dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company.  Your benefits are not determined by our office.  We will provide you with the most accurate treatment estimates based on your particular plan.  However, no insurance company pays 100% for all procedures.

If you have any questions regarding use of your dental benefits in our office, please reach out to our Financial Coordinator.  We’re happy to help in any way we can!

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Abington Children’s Dentistry’s
Family Savings Plan (ABCD FSP)

Our primary goal is to make sure that the best dental care possible is available to your family! And we understand that often times insurance isn’t the best option. That’s why we’ve designed our own savings plan to help provide a financial alternative for our families’ care. We have designed our plan to be a completely different option than insurance – your family pays an annual fee and then specific care is offered over the next 12 months! Our plan has no deductibles or claims or confusion 🙂

The ABCD FSP is offered for an annual amount of $425/year for your first child (and discounted to $400/year for each child after that). For that one amount, we have packaged the following services together for you:

(2) Cleanings/year
(2) Exams/year
(2) Fluoride Varnish Treatments/year
Bitewing/Cavity Checking x-rays as needed
(1) Emergency/Problem Focused Exam/year
On top of all these services, if your child requires additional treatment, such as sealants, composite fillings, extractions, space maintainers, etc., our plan extends a 10% discount. Ask us about the ABCD FSP the next time you come in!